Bed-dressing for your autumn retreat

Blowtorched leaves. Carb-loading. Warm corners where the sun hits. Milky light on crisp mornings. These are just a few of the reasons we make a strong case for loving the seasonal retreat that is autumn.

A time for introspection, self-cultivation, and hunkering down, autumn at its very core is about shedding the old and embracing the new. Our trans-seasonal bed dressing is all about tonal pairings, cosy colourplay, and layering to create the quintessential autumn sanctuary (at home).

Here, we’re giving you the fall-proof guide to turning a bedroom into a considered cocoon for the next few months.

Welcome to the Haus of Hues

The vibe is cabin-in-the-woods meets Insta-worthy chic. We’re channeling the minimalist, Scandi-esque styling lessons of our favourite digital tastemakers and playing with a palette of Sage and Camel.

Sage the Haus


Bring balance to your bedroom with calming and timeless Sage. Stay in touch with nature while staying softly tucked in bed.

Cosy up in Camel

Camel is a lusty, nature-inspired brown. Create your earthy inspired sanctuary with our existing neutrals in our Eve Linen and Eden Cotton ranges. Perfect for a day spent in bed, with or without company.

How to Create A Tonal Look

Sage and Camel are to our existing shades of Moss and Butter what fresh morning pastries are to a cold autumn morning.

Pair Sage with a Moss cotton Euro to turn your bed into a lush, dewy field of verdant dreams. And for Camel, slather on a fitted sheet of Butter to create a lush, warm-toned oasis.

Mixing & Matching

If you’re not big on the monochromatic look, get creative by splicing some Blush in the bedding mix. Add the rosy hue to Sage Stripe and solid Sage for some vibrancy on a gloomy morning.

And if it’s texture you’re craving, opt for some crusty pizza in bed on a fluffy base of Warm White Bouclé, allowing any crumbs to seamlessly blend with your Camel fitted and flat sheets. Top with a Marloe Terracotta Euro (or your favourite design) and call it a night.

Mix hues and textures. Add stripes and solids and make it pop with a Marloe euro.

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your bedroom. Cultivate a space that makes you want to snuggle, lie-in, read the arvos away and WFB (work from bed) if life permits. Escapism is coloured Sage and Camel this season: shop the Haus of Hues now online (or if you’re a Melburnian, in store) now at The Sheet Society.