Our Best Assets Are In The Bedroom

There’s more to us than our good looks. 

There’s more to life than good looking bedding. And that’s coming from people who make a living by selling bedding.

Your sheets and quilts should make your life easier, not scratchier, messier, or more stressful. It’s why every single one of our products are made with you (yes, you!) in mind – and how you can reap the benefits beyond a good night’s sleep and a good looking bedroom.

Speaking of, what are those benefits exactly?

Let’s start from the top – literally, with our quilt covers. Each cover comes with an invisible zipper because we know you don’t have time to meddle with fiddly buttons. Plus, those things are always falling off. Our zipper is sleek, keeps your quilt hidden inside, and is ridiculously easy to change. We’ve also added a small motif at the bottom so you’ll always know which way is up.
Moving on to the flat sheet. Our flat sheets are the only thing coming between you and your quilt cover. So you better believe they’re soft on your skin, like a thousand tiny feathers. Each flat sheet also comes with a neat double layer top edge, so it always looks neat. Even if you’re making your bed at 2am with the lights off.

...with a neat double layer top edge.

Now let’s talk about that other sheet – the one you love to hate. Yep, it’s the fitted sheet. Gone are the days of struggling to cover every corner and waking up with half your mattress exposed. Our fitted sheets have an extra wide elastic that hugs your mattress tight, securing your sheet in place. We’ve also added a woven label on the bottom edge so you don’t have to spend minutes (or hours) wondering if you’ve put it on the wrong way.
Feature image
Feature image
What about those pillowcases? Crucial for sweet dreams and silky hair. We design ours with an extra deep fold, so your pillows will stay put all night long. We’re proud to mention our pillowcases are also pillow-fight-proof. (We’ve done plenty of testing to make sure.)
What brings it all together? The fact that each item is made with natural fibres. Our materials are farmed, not manufactured, making them super breathable for hot nights and sweaty sleepers.
Short story short: We make good looking bedding. But we also do so much more than that. Shop our collection to sleep with us and see for yourself.

There's so much to love. Every intricate detail for the best night's sleep.