A bedroom (and a world) worth preserving

For true homebodies and style mavens, adorning your bedroom with beautiful ephemera is a creative process of sheer joy (and lots of indecision). But innate interior-decorator instincts aside, have you ever really thought about the eco-friendliness of your little oasis?

With the fresh release of our GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton threads, we’ve been thinking about the stylistic choices that can be made to turn your bedroom into a beacon of ethical marvels. Good for the planet and great for your aesthetic, here are a few ways to get greener in and out of bed.

But why GOTS?

Our GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton is light, dream-stirring and uncomplicated. Basically, making these sheets uses less of the world’s precious resources (like energy and water), and zero harmful chemicals or pesticides in the process. It means you can sleep easy, knowing you’ve made a complete small (but mighty) contribution to a cause beyond your four walls.

These fresh bed-toppers also come cocooned in their own bespoke cardboard sleeves (made from 100% pre-consumer waste), scribbled with detailed intel to explain the story of do-good cotton farming to you.

Looking after your GOTS the good way.

For sheet care, we’d prescribe Aussie-made laundry detergent from Dirt. This powerhouse eComm store has crafted a range of ridiculously clever and chaotically-cute laundry detergents (and other bits) to make a case for little, everyday choices that have big, far-reaching impacts on our pale blue dot.

And when it comes to scrubbing the en suite or getting some pinot spills out of your precious threads Zero Co is where it’s at. They’re ticking the sustainability, functionality and aesthetically-pleasing boxes in home essentials. These guys deliver all sorts of spunky and refillable cleaning must-haves (laundry liquid, multi-purpose spray, stain remover etc), made from ocean, beach and landfill plastic. The stuff inside is also pretty special, made from extra-gentle plant-based formulas. A win-win for you and the world.

The stuff inside is also pretty special, made from extra-gentle plant-based formulas. A win-win for you and the world.

How else can you cultivate a green (yet glamorous) space?

We love this sophisticated and considered furnishings roundup from Homes to Love for your bulk bedroom items. Think Armadillo for beautiful, high-quality rugs that "lie lightly on this earth" and form the perfect stage for your bed frame to sit on.

For the ultimate backdrop to your GOTS bedding, another smart move is making brushstrokes with a low VOC paint. We’re partial to the local artists at Tint Paint. They deliver all the durable, animal and eco-friendly paint and accessories you need to the front door.

If it’s invisible and atmospheric styling you’re up to, nothing beats the intoxicating veil of some natural fragrances over a new spread of crisp sheets. A scroll through Black Blaze’s whimsical product descriptions and you’ll be spritzing in no time. Their trove of locally-sourced diffusers, sprays, candles and oils is made from all raw, Australian-derived ingredients. Thank us later.

It’s got to be GOTS. You can scroll your way to a better, cosier, greener bedroom now, here.