From then to now: Four years of Sheet Society

2021 marks four years of better bedtimes with The Sheet Society. For our fourth birthday, we’re going back through the archives to reflect on how it all started, and where we’re going next.We have had such an amazing four years, and it's all due to our beautiful customers that make what we do such a joy.

Our humble bedding biz kept us all cosy through the throes of 2020’s lockdowns. In a time when we couldn’t do too much we are so happy that we were able to be there with you all.

Over the years we have cultivated some seriously cool ranges. Enter Darcy Corduroy, Lola Bouclé, and Tie-Dye. Developing these ranges is so important to us - we don’t want to ever deliver boring bedding to you guys.

While 2020 offered the opportunity for a little more sleep than most years, there hasn’t really been much snoozing on our watch. We even opened up our first retail store (albeit in the thick of the pandemic) to offer a physical touch, feel, and bed-jump bridge between our customers and our expert team.

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In 2017, The Sheet Society was born. But for the first year in business, our co-founder Hayley Worley maintained creative side hustles to get the business afoot. From designing wedding dresses to freelance graphic design and self-taught digital marketing skills, she garnered an impressive cavalry of skills that would dictate our signature style.

Hayley identified that bedding was a category in need of innovation, and she began to grapple with the idea of reimagining the way consumers shop for their sheets. Frustrated with flaws in the market, Hayley envisioned a label in which shoppers could ‘see’ what they were buying properly, rather than touring packets of folded linen in department stores. Who wants sweaty plastic wrapped around your linen?

Hayley and hubby Andy have since grown our range from a core range of long-staple 100% cotton (if you haven’t met Eden Cotton yet, do yourself a favour and introduce yourself), through to beautiful French flax linen, and a trove of fashion fabrics.

Our Kensington hub

Big dreams have to start somewhere. We first started conjuring up bedscapes and intermixing textures at our Kensington base. This small (but mighty) office was our first tangible space to work on everything The Sheet Society. Hayley and co-founder/hubby Andy comprised two-fifths of the nimble team at the time, working around one big dining table, in a pool of boxes and organised chaos. You know what they say: never quit your daydream.

Our Abbotsford Palace

It wasn’t long before our humble Kensington base became just a little too small for both our and our customer needs. In 2019 we made the jump to a fully fledged office and warehouse space in Abbotsford, which included a space that fronted the street that seemed perfect for a little retail therapy. After supplying comfort-bedding to Melburnians all through lockdown, we unveiled our brick and mortar space at 380 Johnston Street to mark the city-wide retail revival. Why? Because we believe that like shopping for beautiful clothing, beautiful bedding should be an easy and stress-free experience. Our fit-out is just like the sheets that adorn the space, grounded in timelessness, rich in texture and a subdued colour palette, to create a cosy, haven-like feel. Our new Abbotsford haven housed our growing team with our on-site office just up a flight of stairs, and our logistics warehouse backing onto the storefront.

Our Brunswick Warehouse

2020 was, well, 2020, and that meant craziness all round. With our unimaginable growth over the year, Abbotsford could soon no longer sustain the capacity of our logistics, retail, and collaborative working space in one. That meant another move. Making the decision to take on a new lease and move warehouse operations from our 200m² to a 3000m² space was one of the biggest (literally) projects we undertook in 2020. Our new Brunswick-hailing warehouse (read: sheets wonderland) was designed from scratch based on data forecasting to determine the type of space and equipment needed. Like the duality of Abbotsford, we’ve created an epic collaborative working space alongside the warehouse, and brought across our amazing operations, customer service, and marketing teams on-site. You can find us debriefing, collaborating, lunching, and product-proofing Monday to Friday.

Check out our video here of our awesome new space.

Our dream team also expanded last year. We went from a crew of five to 35+, with new recruits coming on everyday, and us doing our best to create a vibrant culture to rival our customer experience. What’s next? Big things, but we can’t give all our secrets away. Get ready to tuck in with us in the wild at immersive activations, interstate ventures, and plenty of new arrivals coming to a bedroom near you.

Now let’s end this thing with a big thank you. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. You spend one third of your life sleeping. We’ve spent four years with you. And we’ve loved every minute.

We’ve got big dreams. And we’re only just getting started.

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