Get into bed with Goldie Gauze

Spring is well and truly here. Pull back the curtains, open your windows. With Goldie Gauze on your bed, it won’t only feel like sunshine has hit your sheets – it’ll feel like it, too. Our newest range is refreshing, crisp, and incredibly soft.

She’s also 100% reversible – just flip your quilt inside out to give your bed an outfit change in seconds. Perfect for dreamers who want extra styling options – or for sleepyheads who just can’t pick one colour (we get it, it’s a challenge we deal with daily).  
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Feel-good fabric

We made Goldie Gauze with 100% cotton yarn. To get that ridiculously soft cloth feel, we use a super-smart technology (known in the industry as an Air Jet Loom). It uses air and friction to create an open weave that’s soft and light, just like your favourite muslin. Breathable and natural, it’s perfect for spring (and all the other seasons).


Crinkle-cut texture  

We love a crinkle cut, in both crisp or sheet form. (As long as there aren’t any crumbs left in the bed.) The crinkle of Goldie Gauze is instantly visible. It’s a raw and natural-looking texture produced by twisting and washing the yarn at extremely high temperatures. It then gets washed and ring-dried to achieve its signature crinkle look, naturally.

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Feature image

Sustainable dye job.

On our mission to become more sustainable, our dying process for Goldie Gauze follows OEKO-TEX standards. That means the dyes we use are free from toxic and harmful chemicals like pesticides, heavy metals, and unnecessary surfactants. Our drying process also reduces and reuses water. So you can do good for the planet, even in your dreams.


Did we mention it’s reversible? 

Pick your side of the bed, then pick your side of the quilt. Our Goldie Gauze range is 100% reversible, giving you two times the styling options and two times the sweet dreams. Don’t just flip it over, turn it inside out for a completely different colour combination. Our reversible zip works perfectly on both sides, plus our clean seams leave no visible threads. Magic.


So, what are the colour options? 

Goldie Gauze comes in four unique colour combinations.  White and Dove Grey is for a fresh, crisp look and feel. Blush and Rust is our sunset palette to brighten up your bedroom. Butter and Burnt Butter are a warm and sunny duo that looks like sunshine has hit your sheets, literally. And Sage and Moss is our earthy escape to nature, from the comfort of your bed.  So, are you ready to get into bed with Goldie Gauze? Do it today. Or rather, when we arrive at your door, pre-washed. Dreamy.

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