Styling Bouclé

Our new Lola Bouclé fabric has been spun using a yarn that has an uneven texture. This means that there are bigger bits and thinner bits, which creates a beautiful, natural, textured feel. We’re embracing more natural fibres and textures. We’ve seen bouclé coming through interiors and furniture over the last few months, so we’ve worked really hard to make sure it’s the perfect fabric for the bedroom.

We’ve chosen our colours really carefully for this bouclé range. We’ve got our best-selling colour, Terracotta, as well as Rust and Blush. For the first time in a fashion style, we’ve brought it out in our beautiful Blueprint colour. We’ve also introduced a new colour into our bouclé range, which we’re calling Warm White.

The best thing about styling with a textural fabric is you can go either really tonal and let the texture shine, or you can style bouclé just like it’s a solid colour and mix and match it with the rest of your sheets. When styling bouclé, it’s best to keep to the same base palette and work from there.

Two shades shy of white, this really natural colour highlights the beautiful natural weave in the fabric and represents the colour of unbleached cotton. We’ve stuck with a neutral palette when styling the Warm White, pairing it with our Nude, Mocha and Blush Eden Cotton.

Lola Bouclé - Warm White From $180.00

Our best-selling colour for a reason, Terracotta will instantly add depth and warmth to your room. This earthy, baked tone goes really well with either a warmer palette or a cooler palette. So start with either a Charcoal or Dove Grey, or a Nude and Mocha and go from there.

Lola Bouclé - Terracotta From $180.00

The bouclé weave really comes alive in our beautiful dusty shade of blush, this colour has a grey undertone, making it quite genderless. For a cooler, neutral look, we’ve styled our Blush bouclé with our Dove Grey and White Eden Cotton. For a warmer, brighter look, try pairing Blush with deeper colours like Rust and Terracotta.

Lola Bouclé - Blush From $180.00

Our burnt shade of red, Rust, will enhance any bedroom. It's just as versatile as a neutral but with much more style. For example, we’ve gone with a Rust bouclé, but we’ve kept the palette nice and warm, and neutral, with our Nude and our Warm White. The Rust would also work well with a cooler colour palette, like Charcoal and Dove Grey.

Lola Bouclé - Rust From $180.00

Blueprint bouclé speaks to that mid-century vibe that will be your go-to choice for years to come. Take a hint from your wardrobe and use Blueprint as a neutral - just like your favourite denim, this tone can be paired with almost any colour. The cool dusty blue, paired with any of our warmer neutrals like Mocha or Nude, is really on-trend this season.

Lola Bouclé - Blueprint From $144.00 $180.00