In bed with Annie Everingham

You might be craving some sunshine right about now. It’s a lucky thing our limited edition capsule with Aussie artist Annie Everingham is like summer immortalised forever in sheets.

Annie conjured up two bespoke marvels (hailed Marigold and Wanderer) to comprise one of our most imaginative collections yet, reflecting on the sensations we experience in the early moments of a new day.

Here, we catch up with Annie to retrace the makings of the release and chat candidly about motherhood, masterpieces, and mandatory bedtime rituals. (Spoiler: she doesn’t have it all down to a ‘fine art’, and that’s okay).

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Walk us through the process of creating bespoke Marigold & Wanderer designs for The Sheet Society?

This collaboration was one of the last projects I completed before going on maternity leave so it was nice to sink my teeth into something fun and slightly adjacent to the work I usually do before I signed off for a while. The lovely design team presented me with an overall brief and colour palette, and referenced some of my past artworks.

Essentially, I was given the creative freedom to develop some large format artworks on canvas, which we then digitalised. From there, the team sampled some of my designs, and played with scale and placement of the artworks, ensuring they sat seamlessly within the colour story to create the perfect bedding combo. It’s very cool to see your work translate from the canvas to a functional and beautiful product.

Where did the inspiration come from? And was this a different process to conjuring your typical creations?

If there was a silver lining to be found in 2020, I think it was that the global pandemic forced everybody to slow down. For me personally it was a good opportunity to hit the reset button and really savour those small daily joys. This collaboration was ultimately inspired by morning rituals, and the sense of stillness and comfort we find in early moments of the day. I envisioned lovely filtered light hitting the sheets at sunrise, and crisp mornings spent with a warm cup of tea.

Explain the colour considerations to us. What determined the palette?

As a capsule collaborative range, the prints were designed to sit alongside the beautiful warm and earthy tones of the existing collection. Tones of lilac, papaya and beige combined with painterly textures and marks create the ultimate relaxed and sunny vibe of an Australian morning.

How do you feel your personal brand and The Sheet Society align?

I love that the Sheet Society brand aesthetic is modern with a playful, feminine feel. I try to bring a similarly youthful vibe to my own work, and my personal interiors style is very much centred on creating a calm and inviting atmosphere through colour.

What do you hope Annie Everingham x The Sheet Society feels like in the bedroom? What kind of dreamer is it envisaged for?

This collection feels warm, joyful, and feminine. I hope it brings both an injection of colour and a sense of tranquility to the bedroom.

This collection release is coinciding with Mother’s Day. Tell us a bit about your bedtime memories with Mum?

My mum always read books and sang to me before bed, and it’s one of my childhood memories I treasure most. I love that I get to sing the same lullabies to Augie and create those special memories for him, too.

As a Mum yourself, what are some non-negotiable night-time rituals for you and your clan?

I would love to be one of those mums who has the bedtime routine down to a fine art, but it’s still got an element of chaos to it at the moment! Bathtime is one of my favourite things to do with Augie. After bath and pajamas my husband and I love to read him a bedtime story, before I feed and put him down for the night. On a good night, I can squeeze in an hour or two of telly and a glass of wine. And some adult conversation if we aren’t too tired!

Mother’s Day is coming up - how will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

It’s my first Mother’s Day as a mum, so this year it will be extra special! With a 5 month old, a sleep-in is probably off the cards, but hopefully it will involve a morning coffee, flowers and a cuddle in bed with Augie and my husband, and a lovely long lunch somewhere. Autumn is the perfect season to cosy up for a lazy morning in bed with my little family.

How do you style your bed every morning? Made or perfectly unmade?

Made, but I do love to mix and match my bedding and play with layers, colours, and textures. I love starting a new week with a fresh bedding combo!

What’s your must-have item in the bedroom right now?

A little bedtime ritual of mine is to spritz an aromatherapy mist on my pillow before bed. It takes me a while to wind down in the evening, and I’m not getting as much sleep as I’d like these days, so it helps to make my sleep space as calm and restorative as possible before I hop in!

Needless to say, uplifting bedding is the ultimate antidote to gloomy winter spaces. And Annie’s creations are just that. Tour the Annie Everingham capsule now (for a fleeting affair only) and let the bedroom renaissance begin.

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Art, meet bed.