In Bed with Kath Ebbs

She’s been on the social circuit for a while now. Dating back to Sydney skits with a group of local content whizzes, Kath Ebb’s digital presence has always been one of fun, fervour, good feels, and fresh perspectives.

Now, she’s forged a solo platform for speaking personal truths, voicing her opinions, and sharing important convos with a diverse mix of friends following along (a whopping 65k of them to be exact).

We’re tucking in with Kath to chat self-expression, bed-styling, and sleeping deeply with our range of haphazardly-coloured Tie-Dye threads. Like no two sets of Tie-Dye are the same, Kath is a leading force in celebrating the stuff that makes each and every one of us unique.

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Any nostalgic Tie-Dye memories?

Always. At age three, then eight and then again at 15 and now AGAIN at 23! It just keeps coming back. I love it!

What makes your bedroom unique to you (and you only)?

Because it’s mine and no one else’s! I take such pride in my bedroom. It is my safe haven. I love to hang so much art on the walls - seriously it's like a gallery in my room. Also a sucker for candles, candles and more candles.

How do you embrace the things that make you different, one-of-a-kind, or a little bit good-weird?

I just do! I know that sounds overly simple, but around five years ago I had this weird “I don’t care” attitude start to take form, in a really good way. It’s been growing ever since. I love the things that make me 'one of a kind'. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things like my curls, my gap tooth, my queerness, my trauma, and my awful spelling.

What can we find sitting on your bedside table right now?

Okay. This is going to sound weird but I actually don’t have a bedside table. Whoops. There is this window seal sitting above my bed that’s kind of turned into a bedside table. It has a lot of crystals (I know, don’t ask), candles, and plants.

When you’re just being you, how do you deal with judgement online?

A lot of the time I don't, to be honest. I cry, receive multiple cuddles from my partner and try to move on. UNLESS someone is giving me constructive feedback in a kind manner, then I will do some reflecting and research. I love learning and growing. But trolling is a no-no.

Whose Insta should we scroll through or what book should we read before bed tonight?

My top three accounts at the moment are: - @stylebydeni, @allira.potter and @cliterallythebest. My top reads: - “Beyond the Gender Binary” by Alok Vaid-Menon (and follow them!! @alokvmenon), “Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot”, by Mikki Kendall and lastly “Women don’t owe you pretty” by Florence Given.

Right side or left side sleeper?


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