In Bed With Samantha Harris

We caught up with iconic Aussie model, Samantha Harris, whilst on set for our Casablanca campaign. Sam shares her sleeping habits, career highlights and what she's learnt in 2020.

First things first, are you a doona/quilt hogger?

I am a hogger. My poor husband is freezing through winter, and I'm all toasty.

We’ve been having some crazy dreams lately, what was your last dream about?

Mine is a bit of a weird dream, like them all I guess. I was canoeing with my husband and there were dolphins everywhere. It sounds beautiful but the kicker is I am scared of dolphins. So really it was more like a nightmare!

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We feel like 2020 has taught us a lot, what has 2020 taught you?

2020 has taught me a lot. Probably the main thing is that I don’t need to get too worked up on things I can’t control. I appreciate the simple things, like family and friends. It’s definitely made me take a step back and look around, and even at its most basic, life is great! There are so many people less fortunate, so I am just grateful.

We are so excited to release our new capsule, what did you love most about shooting this campaign?

I loved everything, everyone was so lovely. It was a beautiful location and the product is just so lovely to shoot with. It was an all-round fun day!

Our capsule is full of bright, summery colours, which one is your favourite?

I love the whole range from you guys, I love all your bright and summery colours. I also love that you can mix and match. The Willow sheets from the capsule are on my bed currently, so those are my favourite.

We’re all about the perfectly unmade bed, do you make your bed every morning?

I do now, it sounds like I am just saying it, but if you have a nice quilt cover then you want your bed to be made and look nice! My bed looks great now. My husband loves it as much as me!5

Did you always know you wanted to be a model? How did you first get into the modelling industry?

I always wanted to be a model, ever since I was a little girl. I entered into the Girlfriend model search in 2004, and it really blossomed from there, I got signed with Chic and 17 years later I am still with them.

You’ve had such an incredible modelling career so far, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

When I was younger it was probably the travelling, I was young and the thought of leaving little Tweed Heads to go to Sydney was daunting. Also dealing with people’s judgement who don’t know you, that can be hard, but I do think the industry is getting better. I do think we are seeing a lot more diversity, especially around body shapes.

It must have been a career stopping moment being on the front cover of Vogue? As the second indigenous woman to achieve this in Australia, what impact do you believe this had on indigenous representation?

I think it’s had a massive impact, you can see nowadays there are so many more indigenous models around. For indigenous people to be able to see their culture showcased is incredibly important, as it should have been right from the start. I was also on the front cover of Marie Clare this year with Jessica Mauboy and Miranda Tapsell, to highlight the need for indigenous people to be acknowledged as our first people and enshrined in the constitution.

We all seem to be doing a lot more reading this year, which book is hogging your bedside at the moment?

I am not much of a reader! I know that sounds bad, but I don't know which genre I would like!

Our new capsule makes getting out of bed ever harder, are you a morning person?

I don’t like to stay up late, but I do like to sleep in. So I guess I really just love bed! In winter it’s easy to sleep in, but now that it’s warming up I get up earlier to start the day.

Aside from eating Papaya at our campaign shoot, what is the strangest thing you have had to do on a job?

This isn’t probably the strangest, but the most daunting would have to be when I was standing on a beach and there were horses galloping up behind me. Even though they were trained, it’s still scary to have big horses bolting at you from behind!

It’s a Saturday, you’re spending the morning in bed, what would your ideal brekkie in bed be?

It depends, but sometimes a smoothie, or scrambled eggs with halloumi and GF toast and kimchi veggies.

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You always have such radiant, glowy skin, do you have any bedside beauty essentials?

I am an ambassador of Biologi, so I use all their products. They are all-natural but also all active. I am a real serum girl, so morning and night I put a serum on everywhere! I use a lumonoistic serum, and also the BC refresh cleaners and the rejuvenation eye serum. I also love an all-over body serum - it’s not greasy! There is nothing worse than slipping around in summer.

We’d love to know, what’s next for you in your career?

Hard to say, especially with COVID at the moment. Everything can change so quickly. I always want to work on fun and exciting projects that align with who I am, that’s important.

You can mix and match every colour though because the range is so versatile.

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It's so easy!

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