Sheet Society’s sustainability initiatives

As a business, we’re committed to improving the impact we have on the environment. This goal is two-fold: it comes down to the ways we operate and the products we produce.

What are our sustainability initiatives?

Our Australian operations will be carbon neutral by June 2022.

We’re still learning exactly what carbon neutral means for us as a business. We’re experts in thread count, not CO2 per sqm. But not knowing hasn’t stopped us before. We’ve enlisted the help of Heidi from to help us understand and achieve this goal. It’ll happen in three stages.

Our coffee beans are recycled to local gardens
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Feature image
Our team drinks an impressive amount of coffee. We buy our beans from local roasters, then when our mugs are empty, we place the grounds in bins which get collected by Re-ground each week. What’s Re-ground you ask? They’re a social enterprise whose mission is to create a community around waste resources. They deliver our used beans to local gardens, ready for compost. Neat.
We recycle soft plastics
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But wait, did you hear that soft plastics can’t be recycled? We thought so too. Turns out they can be – it just requires extra effort. The use of soft plastics is currently inevitable within our business operations. So to use them more responsibly, Re-ground delivers our soft plastics to local processors to be re-used on new and innovative technology.
We don’t use paper towels
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Seems small, but with over fifty people using our office bathrooms daily, the waste can add up. Instead of single-use paper towels, we’ve installed energy efficient Airblade hand dryers. Fancy. So we’re able to reduce our paper towel waste and consumption at the same time.
 We sort our waste
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Great waste management needs a clear and easy-to-follow waste system. We have disposal locations throughout our office and warehouse so our team can sort their paper and soft plastics from their general recycling and landfill waste. Our actual bins do good, too. They’re made from post-consumer recycled material and come equipped with handy guides on how to recycle, courtesy of ECOBin.
Our lights are energy efficient
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We’re conscious about the energy we use in our office and warehouse. We’ve replaced all our lights with energy efficient LED lighting. Luckily, our landlord’s supportive of our sustainability efforts. On top of that, we’ve added sensors to the lights in our lower foot traffic areas, like hallways. Now nobody’s at fault for leaving the lights on all weekend.
We’ve introduced a cardboard baler
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 And we named him Christian. Like Christian Bale, our cardboard baler is our very own superhero. He’s come to save the day – or just our warehouse.

Like other warehouses, we need a lot of cardboard. It’s easy to recycle, so we previously didn’t fix what wasn’t broken. Until the problems started piling up. Extra trips in the truck, additional processing time and unnecessary physical labour to flatten boxes by hand. Enter Christian, the cardboard baler. A cardboard baler is a machine that crushes boxes and turns them into bales of cardboard. We collect our bales fortnightly, sending them straight to the recycler, saving time and resources in the process.

We partner with 300 Blankets
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We’re born in Melbourne, so we love partnering with Melbourne-based charities. 300 Blankets collect our good-but-not-good-enough-to-sell items every few months. They distribute them throughout their network to the people who need them – often homeless, disenfranchised and socially isolated. Together, we can help keep our community warm.
We’ve created a Sheet Society Sustainability Squad

The Sheet Society Sustainability Squad (SSSS for short) is made of representatives from each department in our business. We meet once a month to discuss the big things: like how we can go about our business in a more sustainable way. And the little things: like who keeps leaving the kitchen light on. No idea is off the table.


What's Next?

  1. Introducing compost recycled for our kitchen waste.
  2. Investigating whether we’re applicable for B-Corp status. 
  3. Contributing to our community through volunteering.
  4. Exploring fundraising initiatives. 
  5. Reusing our excess cardboard as boxes we send orders in.

Do you have an idea for how we can keep improving? Treat our inbox like a suggestion box and send us a message at

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