Start the year on the right side of the bed

As we say goodbye to the year that was 2020, no doubt, just like us, you have never been more ready for a fresh start. If you’re already planning out your yearly goals and aspirations, why not add ‘bedroom glow-up’ to the list? If you’re feeling unsure about where to start, fear not, we’ve got you covered with our three core ranges.

Eden Cotton

If you want to kick-start the year feeling like you’ve got it together, then a set of our Eden Cotton is where you should begin. Although you may have quite the collection of cotton sheets already, if you haven’t tried these you’re really missing out. It’s a silky smooth sleep, guaranteed.

Our Eden Cotton is crafted from 100% long-staple cotton in a luxurious 400 thread count sateen weave. We take pride in the quality of our raw materials so we have harvested from plants with the natural ability to grow fibres that are stronger, longer and softer than regular cotton. Think Egyptian cotton, without the fancy name.

Feature image
Feature image

The Eden range is a seamless upgrade for your bedroom make-over. Whether you’re just after some fresh sheets or the full get-up (plus two more Euros because who really has enough pillows), there’s an Eden Cotton colour to suit you.

If you find it as hard as we do to pick which of the 17 colours is your favourite, we’ve put together some of our favourite looks. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you copy.

Eve Linen

If you’re trying to level up your bedding game, introduce linen to your rotation - It’s a textural dream. Our Eve Linen is 100% pure certified French flax linen, reinforcing its durable but soft, supple feel. The ‘lived-in’ look of linen means that it’s actually really easy to care for; the porous fabric is easily cleaned, dried, and then whipped back into shape for the next round.

Just like our Eden Cotton, Eve Linen is available in 17 versatile colours, designed to compliment each other. If you’re looking for some direction with where to begin, start by choosing your favourite base colour and then add in some contrasting hues - the stronger the contrast, the bolder the pop.

Here are some linen looks we’re obsessing over. We think you might too.

Feature image
Feature image

Leo Washed Cotton Stripes

Dreaming of stripes? Our Leo Washed Cotton might explain why. The striped range is 100% cotton that has been stonewashed to give it a unique appeal. The material has a soft, relaxed, lived-in look akin to our Eve Linen, while retaining the cool, smooth properties of our long-staple, sateen weave Eden Cotton. There are eight colourways available, so there’s bound to be a stripe for you.

When styling stripes, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Our Leo Stripes pair seamlessly with their complementary solid colour in either of our Eve Linen or Eden Cotton. For a more adventurous option, we love pairing one of our Leo Stripes with a contrasting solid colour. This helps to really break up the stripe and add a focal point to your bed.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite striped looks for some inspo.

Feature image
Feature image

Our core ranges should have you well and truly sorted for your ‘bedroom glow-up’ and a fresh start to 2021.