How to tuck in with Tie-Dye

Dipping your bed in a bit of Tie-Dye? Groovy. Not too sure where to start? We get it.

Introducing out-there prints into the bedroom can be fraught with colour-clashing and second-guessing. And some pillow throwing.

That’s why we’re taking the heavy-lifting out of styling up our brand-new Tie-Dye capsule by fusing it seamlessly with your existing set of bedroom threads. Our Product Designer extraordinaire and doona-dressing doyenne Caitlin has curated a superbly simple guide to meshing Tie-Dye with your ride-or-die sheets.

Tie-Dye is all about exploring and embracing our quirks and creative side. Each set of eclectic sheets is symbolic of each sleeper’s inimitable style, with no two quilts dyed exactly the same. Cool, huh?

Put some vinyl on, whip the polaroid out and let the new-world bed styling of the iconic Tie-Dye print get you feeling all kinds of nostalgic. This is the remix.

Tie-dye is available in our OEKO-TEX® certified, 100% Eden Cotton. Get all tangled up in the range online or in-store. (We love it when you visit).