Painting with Hayley

The Sheet Society founder Hayley sits down to chat about our collaboration with paint brand Tint, and her tips on selecting the perfect colour palette.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be the Queen of Cozy (if we may), that you are today.

Haha! I’m pretty stoked with that title! I’ve got a background in fashion but fell out of love with clothes. I wanted to still be involved with fabrics and colours so I dreamt up a business where you could put together your bed like an outfit. You spend a lot of time in bed and it's the focal point of your bedroom, so it needs to be a reflection of your style.

What do you think makes people fall in love with the whole concept around shopping for sheets?

We like to think that people either fall in love with our brand because it looks better, or because it performs better. I think it’s really important to have the perfect mix of both. Our colours and fabrics that we use are trend driven so you won’t see them anywhere else. More than that, our products are designed to perform better, made from natural fabrics with extra design features like an invisible zipper on our quilt covers and a built-in folded back top edge on our flat sheets.

We are so excited to have collaborated with Tint! Talk us through your colour choices for the brand and what these hues mean to you.

While we really love colour, it can be awful when colours don’t match. All of our sheets are designed to mix and match as it’s important that the colours we select pair perfectly. The colours we have done with Tint are muted with a neutral base, meaning all of the paired back shades are pretty much foolproof when it comes to styling! When we dreamt up this collaboration with Tint, it seemed like the perfect partnership as we already knew these colours were perfect for mixing and matching!

You've mentioned before that these colours are like your babies and how hard it was to choose only seven as part of our Tint palette. With that in mind… which are your favourites and why?

They sure are - I feel such a strong connection to each of them! We decided to go with our best-selling colours so that took a lot of the emotion out of the decision. I wanted to include our best-selling neutral tones, Dove Grey and Beige as they’re proof that cool and warm tones can look really great together.

We were originally inspired by an interior colour for our Rust hue so it's great to see it come to life again. I am a huge fan of our Moss green tone as well, which is just the right amount of paired back green without feeling too overwhelming.

Let’s talk about this room revamp! How did you come up with the look?

Neutrals are the new monochrome, so I really wanted to bring Beige into my bedroom. We’ve recently renovated our ensuite with grey tones in the tiles, so I wanted the space to feel a little more warm. I’ve loved styling with this Beige tone on my bed as it creates the perfect foundation for building a mix and match bed. So, I knew that this neutral tone would be as easy to style as our sheets!

How do you go with a paint brush?

Our bedroom is the last room in our house to renovate so I’d say by now I’m a pretty seasoned painter! It drives Andy crazy as I think I’m good enough to paint the skirting boards without masking tape…Haha!

I absolutely loved the process with Tint, from not having choice paralysis from the overwhelming wall of colour swatches at Bunnings, to not having to worry about lugging it to the car or feeling like a sharp turn could mean spilt paint all over my car boot! The paint I ordered from Tint turned up on my door and the toolkit had everything I needed (I even loved using the masking tape). I was also really surprised at the coverage of the paint - I was almost lazy enough to stop after just one coat but pushed through and with two coats the colour is just perfect.