How to Care for your Bedding

Here are just a few key tips to keep your bed threads looking fresh

Do not put your bedding in the same wash cycle with your clothes. Metal zippers, buttons and coarser fabrics can roughen up the texture of your sheets.

Wash in cool/lukewarm water to preserve the yarns. When heated, the pores of the fibers open up. The more you can keep these closed, the softer the texture will remain.

Never over-fill the machine. You should be able to move your bedding around easily when its in the machine, and if not then do two loads. Your bedding needs room to move around and since it’s a lot longer than a t-shirt you need to give it a bit more wriggle

Don’t over use the washing powder. We would even suggest using less than it says to use on the box. Both our Egyptian Cotton and our Organic Cotton are natural fibres so you don’t want to ruin the beautiful yarns with too much soapy chemicals.

Don’t use fabric softener. Basically, this stuff coats the fibres and makes them feel smoother, but really its trapping in all of the goodness and making them less breathable.

Dry your sheets on the line when you can, otherwise if tumble drying then a lower setting for a longer time is preferred. If you can even catch them right before they are completely dry then whip them out and hang them inside for the last little bit.

If your sheets are going back in the cupboard, make sure they are completely dry. Any excess moisture will make your sheets smell damp. Don’t ever store your bedding in plastic boxes – it needs to breathe.

Try to wash your bedding once every two weeks. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes for 2 weeks so why sleep in them. Washing them regularly will also help to soften the fibers for a softer finish.

Consider getting extra pillowcases in your set to alternate weekly, since the pillowcases wear more quickly than the rest of the set.